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Our Aim


Northern Medical Ultrasound is a small company recently set up to provide high quality ultrasound staff to the NHS in the North of England with a large number of experienced, high quality local staff to provide an exceptional and personal service.

The company was started by two highly motivated, enthusiastic and vastly experienced Advanced Practitioner Sonographer’s located in the Yorkshire region. Both directors have extensive experience in ultrasound and are both specialised sonographer’s in both MSK and Vascular.

Our company feels very strongly that patients want their care close to home. The provision of high quality diagnostics in a friendly and familiar setting, we feel, is the key to an excellent service.

Furthermore we believe that our services are hugely beneficial to patients, quick turnaround with the highest level of care.  We also believe that the NHS has a duty to change the way it delivers this care to the public, enforcing us to provide a complimentary service that is patient and referrer driven.

All of our staff are fully qualified and registered with the HPC and we have the back-up our Consultant Radiologists where a second opinion is required.